Purpose, Scope & Dimension of JobTo direct the operations of the Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative jurisdiction as governed by the Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative Board of Directors as detailed in the Plan of Service and in accordance with the policies of the Cooperative.

Terms of EmploymentAnnual Contract and Evaluation

Minimum Required Qualifications:
Master’s Degree in Library Science, Information Science (or other named library science program) from an ALA Accredited School, and five years of appropriate professional library or cooperative management experience.  In possession of or eligible to receive a Level 1 Certificate as approved by the Library of Michigan.

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Thorough understanding of all types of libraries
  2. Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  3. Demonstrated organizational skills and attention to detail
  4. Demonstrated personnel and organizational management and leadership skills
  5. Demonstrated budget management ability and investment strategies
  6. Demonstrated ability to create and make presentations
  7. Able to create an atmosphere of collegiality and cooperation among members
  8. Able to maintain confidentiality when advising and consulting with libraries
  9. Display an open attitude and flexibility in adopting new practices and ideas through futuristic thinking
  10. Experience in project management skills
  11. Knowledge of technology as it relates to libraries

Supervisory Responsibility: Supervises the Administrative Specialist

Major Accountabilities/Essential Duties:

  1. Governance
    1. Provides the Board with a clear understanding of the structure, purpose, activities and programs of MMLC.
    2. Equips the Board with the necessary information to enable sound decision making.
    3. Provides the Board with ongoing board development and educational opportunities.
    4. Guides the Board in the creation and revision of plans, policies and resolutions.
    5. Works with Board Committees to assist in conducting the business of the cooperative.


  1. Management
    1. Manages MMLC in accordance with the policies established by the Board.
    2. Directs and evaluates staff and contracted service providers.
    3. Develops an annual Director’s Work Plan based on the goals detailed in the Strategic Plan to be approved by the board; makes a final report to the Board at the end of the fiscal year.
    4. Establishes procedures and recommends policies through appropriate channels.
    5. Coordinates and implements MMLC Plan of Service.
    6. Knowledgeable about library related laws.
    7. Works with other leaders in the state to collaborate on initiatives for the betterment of libraries.


  1. Membership
    1. Communicates effectively with members on a regular basis; makes site visits as needed.
    2. Formulates and develops plans based on a regular analysis of member library needs.
    3. Convenes and conducts membership meetings with input from members on professional development needs.
    4. Conducts studies and surveys and recommends areas of cooperation.
    5. Promotes and interprets cooperative service, procedures, and policies to member libraries, library boards and others in the area concerned with the MMLC programs and development.
    6. Provides Board Orientations as requested.
    7. Consults with member libraries and advises on issues related to area library development.
    8. Works to develop a sense of cooperation and camaraderie among member libraries.
    9. Supports library grant applications and provides information on grant opportunities.
    10. Familiar with all types of libraries and their interrelationships.
  2. Finance
    1. Ensures that the Cooperative adheres to standard accounting practices.
    2. Maintains an annual external audit process.
    3. Prepares the annual budget, supervises allotment and accounting of funds, and completes cost analysis studies when needed.
    4. Prepares financial, statistical and other reports as required.
    5. Invests funds in a prudent manner and in accordance with the policies.
    6. Knowledgeable about library funding sources.


  1. Advocacy
    1. Works with the Library of Michigan, Michigan Library Association, Midwest Collaborative for Library Services, and other Library Cooperatives in the state to improve library services and funding; takes a leadership role in collaborative efforts.
    2. Keeps current with local, state and national legislative issues and acts as cooperative spokesperson on advocacy issues.
    3. Promotes alliances that will provide members with increased services and/or resources.
    4. Informs the Board and members of pertinent library legislation and ‘calls to action’ concerning library issues.
    5. Leads group planning in attending advocacy events.


  1. Professional Development
    1. Remains current with library practices and policies.
    2. Attends workshops, conferences, and other educational meetings and shares information with members


  1. Other Duties:
  2. Performs other related duties and responsibilities as assigned or appropriate.


Unique Aspects of Job:  Must have vehicle and valid Michigan Driver’s license to travel to member libraries and fulfill other professional responsibilities.

Hours/Schedule:  The regular schedule is Monday-Friday; however, the Director may be required to work evenings and weekends as needed.

Compensation: Starting salary range:  $85,000 – $90,000, with placement dependent on experience and qualifications; includes a highly competitive benefits package.

Submit cover letter and resume in Word or Pdf attachments via email to: mmlc.jobs@gmail.com  The deadline for submission is April 15, 2019.

Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative is an Equal Opportunity Employer.