Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative

Director’s Report

June and July 2021

State Budget/State Aid:
• The latest we have heard from the Library of Michigan (LM) is that they are anticipating the 2021-22 budget to be the same as last year. MLA is working on trying to increase State Aid.
• State Aid has been distributed for the 2020-2021.

Cooperative Services:
• Eric is available for Trustee Training if you have some new members on your board.
• MMLC has been busy helping to set up virtual and in-person (mostly outdoors) programming for members as well as libraries throughout the state.
• Eric did Board Training for Shiawassee District Library, which was well received by those in attendance. Eric is available for any other Library that would like Board Training.
• MMLC, Lakeland and Woodland Cooperatives worked together to put on the Easy Breezy Chart of Accounts Webinar for anyone in the State. Irene was one of the key speakers in the webinar. We had over 120 people sign-up and 95 people attended. The webinar was recorded and is available for anyone interested.

Michigan Cooperative Directors Association:
Michigan Cooperative Directors Association (MCDA):
• MCDA with their partners have submit two separate Grants the ARAP money that is coming to the Library of Michigan. One of the Grants will be for equipment like, laptops, Chromebook, and Kit for private session for patrons (like for an interview), also a kit for Outdoor gatherings. There will be a separate grant for eBooks (content) most likely through Overdrive. We are current waiting for the state legislature to release the funds, which may not happen till around 10/1/21.

Library of Michigan (LM):
Director Meetings - July 30 is the last meeting in our series of bi-weekly COVID updates for Michigan library directors. Beginning Friday, August 13, LM will move the informal updates for Michigan library directors to the second Friday of each month at 2pm ET.  Details will be emailed to all public library directors via MI@countingopinions.com twice before each meeting.
Self-Care for Library Workers Online Module - free, self-paced online training module to support library staff. Includes information on vocational awe, combating compassion fatigue, mindfulness, and putting the “ME” in mental health. You can enroll and choose what you want from all the options.
• CARES Act Funds - if you have a CARES Act grant and you have not yet submitted your reimbursement request we would love to see it arrive here so we can process it in a timely fashion. At this time there is $200,000 that is not yet expended. If libraries do not submit reimbursement for the funding they requested the state loses the funding. This funding does not roll over to a new fiscal year.
• When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated Guidance now recommends masks for indoor activities even for vaccinated persons if located in an area of “substantial or high transmission,” and if vulnerable (*such as immunocompromised people - even if vaccinated) or unvaccinated people in household. Several counties in Michigan are at these levels. See CDC map (updated Jul 27, 2021)
CDC Tuesday July 27, COVID-19 Mask Guidance update - Recording of live media update by CDC to discuss updated mask recommendations to address increase of Delta variant infection.

Michigan Library Association (MLA): Debbie Mikula, Executive Director of MLA
---- Registration in now open
---- October 13 and 14 2021
---- Submissions for Lightning Talks Are Due Friday, August 6, 2021
---- Learn more and submit a proposal: milibraries.org/call-for-proposals
---- Speakers Susan Banks, Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes, Dan Cable and Bill Baker

Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS): Scott Garrison, Executive Director of MCLS
• On Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021, library staff from around the state of Michigan will gather virtually on Zoom for Libraries Engaging Appreciatively for Positive Change (LEAP) 2021! This event, which will create and kick off the 2021-22 cohort, is a continuation of our partnership with the Library of Michigan and our shared Michigan Libraries Engage project and will allow for up to 100 more participants to be introduced to Appreciative Inquiry and how it can be utilized for community engagement.
• MCLS members can get special pricing on these essential databases:

  • For academic libraries
    • Academic Complete: a complete multi-disciplinary eBook subscription
    • ProQuest Central: the most comprehensive multidisciplinary research database available
    • Academic Video Online: a subscription of 70,000+ streaming videos, curated for the academic experience
    • Diversity Collection: supports teaching, learning, and research from alternative perspectives
  • For public libraries
    • Public Library Video Online Premium: 50,000+ streaming videos in the largest public library database available
    • Music Online Listening for Public Libraries: coverage across all the key musical genres, from popular to classical to world music

MMLC Administration:

  • Eric attended Connecting Michigan Task Force Virtual Listening tour.
  • ALA had a webinar on the ‘Affect Change in Middle Management Role’ which Eric attended.
  • Irene and Eric attended the monthly meetings for Friends of Michigan Libraries (FOLM) since we are their fiscal agent, we participate in their Executive Committees, Budget and Finance Committees as well as their Board meetings.
  • MMLC has been working with our partners on the ARAP Capacity Grants and we have been having many meetings before the Grant which was due on 7/15/21. Eric has participating in the meetings with suggestions and proof reading. MCLS is also doing a separate grant for academic libraries and I was able to help them with some suggestions.
  • Eric attended several Libraries in Recovery where they talk about what’s is going on in libraries throughout the world dealing with Covid-19 and beyond which is hosted by Gigabit Library Network.
  • Library of Michigan(LM) has been having update meetings via zoom every other week for the last several months and Eric has tried to attend all of them. Starting in August LM will be going to a monthly meeting starting on August 13. They will be sending out a new zoom information as well starting a new notes page on Google Doc. The old one will be available PDF soon.
  • Northwood University library is going through a remodel and Eric stopped by to see all the changes.
  • Eric attended several meetings with the MLA Annual Conference 21 and he has reached out to a few members to see if they would be interested in doing some additional sessions. The conference will be virtual Oct. 13 and 14, 2021.
  • Eric was only able to attend one CALL meeting over the last 2 months.
  • Eric attended one of the MMLC Overdrive Group purchase meeting. He was able to see how they make the decision on what to purchase. Eric also, told them a little about the capacity grant for content.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric Palmer
MMLC Director