Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative

Director’s Report

December 2020 and January 2021

State Budget/State Aid:
--All of the MMLC Libraries completed their State Aid by the February 1st deadline. The Library of Michigan will be reviewing all of the Data then they hope to start transmitting the money by the end of February or early March.

Cooperative Services:
--MMLC has been working with three libraries to bring them Tutor.com using the discount that TLN negotiated for cooperatives. They should be going live sometime in February.
--Eric worked with the Shiawassee District Library Board in hiring a new director for the them. The Board offered the position to Kimberly White, who may be familiar to some members since she was the Branch Head at Holt Library, which is part of the Public Libraries of Saginaw. Kimberly started as Director at SDL on January 4, 2021.
--MMLC has two Grants available for members, Innovation and Technology Grant and a COVID-19 Grant.
--Due to Covid-19 concerns we have decided to cancel the May joint meeting between the Advisory Council and MMLC Board. We will move the MMLC Board to a Zoom meeting.

Michigan Cooperative Directors Association:
Michigan Cooperative Directors Association (MCDA):
--Lakeland Library Cooperative is beginning the implementation of Bibliocore as the public access catalog with a go live date of June 1st. This will enable library users within Lakeland to access the 40 Lakeland libraries, Kent District Library and the Grand Rapids Public Library integrated library systems with the goal of linking all 3 catalogs later in 2021.
--The Suburban Library Cooperative launched its shared library marketing campaign recently.
Libraries: Your Bridge to the World will provide a press release and two social media posts for member libraries to use to promote their library and services. The program is designed to be easy for members to implement with a monthly theme to highlight a specific service or event. The Cooperative is working with the consultant that helped to implement the golibrarycard.org program.
--New Partnership with Metroparks: The Library Network cooperative and the Suburban Library Cooperative have partnered with Metroparks to provide a new Library Wi-Fi Hotspot program pilot with selected member libraries. Metroparks is a regional system of parks in Southeast Michigan, covering Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, Wayne counties. As they are looking to expand their outreach during the pandemic, Metroparks is funding 100 hotspots with a year’s subscription of unlimited data streaming to libraries to expand equitable access to online learning and programming. TLN has received 80 hotspots for use by patrons at selected TLN libraries.

Library of Michigan (LM):
--Budget for 2021-22 doesn’t look as dire as anticipated. This is not set-in stone, but looks more promising.
There are 5 open positions due to the lift of the State of Michigan hiring freeze.
--New Directors Advance and Beginners Workshops. Those who have received waivers due to COVID-19 will need to complete training by established dates. Training will most likely be done through Niche Academy.

Michigan Library Association (MLA):  Debbie Mikula, Executive Director of MLA
--Advocacy Day will be a virtual event on April 20th, 2021. More details to follow and they are looking forward to help from the cooperative directors.
--The Library Privacy Act is now Public Act 315 of 2020. (See link: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(viieybcuqlip3zvavtlzn1pw))/mileg.aspx?page=getObject&objectName=2019-SB-0611&fbclid=IwAR2Ez2W4pffDkFxn08K-YETtClyVs_iY30pWtNspnBJNU7msOAJ4WpQr1vM )

1.There will be educational sessions for library staff, law enforcement and municipal employees.
2.The law takes effect on 3/31/2021

MCLS by Scott Garrison, Executive Director of MCLS:
--They are working on a pilot group for Simply E-Library which is an easy way to access Overdrive and other digital materials. (Hoopla isn’t available yet.)
--MCLC is working with Cultural Advocacy Network (CAN) on Digital Preservation opportunities.
They are partnering with Well Being Lab and will be offering opportunities for libraries and their communities. Garrison and Bradley will be certified trainers to provide further assistance for MCLS Members.

MMLC Administration:
--Eric and Irene attended FOML Budget, Executive and Board Meetings.
--Eric worked with the Shiawassee District Board in the selection of a new Director, we had several meetings and interviews before the Board offer the position to Kimberly White.
--Eric had a meeting with Corey Etterling from Midwest Tapes/Hoopla.
--Eric attend all 4 the Library of Michigan updates on every other Fridays. Here is the link for the meeting notes
--Eric has been setting up the zoom meetings as well as attended the Call meeting with the Lapeer Libraries with one of them taking a tour Eric’s Santa collection. Irene, former Lapeer director Melissa Malcolm and former MMLC Director Denise Hooks attended this virtual meeting also.
--MCDA is switching their meetings to every other month on Tuesday and Friday with Friday’s meeting including our Partners. For the fall, we had been meeting every other Tuesday with our Partners. Eric attended all of the meetings and then tried to bring the information to the membership.
--Through December and January Eric and Irene were working with two of MMLC’s banks to update signatures of MMLC board members officers.
--Eric attended the two MLA Coffee hours, Holly & Jolly in December and MLA Connect Coffee Hour: Northern Michigan Opioid Response Consortium Naloxboxes in January.
--TLN had a Niche Academy demo for everyone in the state to attend, which Eric did.
--Clare Membiela from LM had a Library Law on Remote Working which Eric attended.
--Libraries in Recovery has several webinars throughout the month, Eric has attended a few of them including Fiber to the Library.
--Cooperative Directors had a meeting with Dale Jaslove on ideas on how to promote Libraries in Michigan. Debbie Mikula from MLA was there and reported that MLA is looking at doing something statewide to promote libraries. Suburban Library Cooperative is doing something more locally with Dale. The Cooperative Director will work with both and see if it’s something we can bring back to our own members.
--Eric met with Northwood University to work on a couple projects with them.
--On January 14, MMLC Board met to go over the Audit, which we passed with flying colors.
--Eric is on the 2021 MLA Annual Conference Committee where we are trying to decide on a theme and speakers for the conference in Port Huron.
--Kanopy had a Public Library Town Hall meeting which Eric attended.
--On January 25, Eric attended Holly District Library Board meeting, where he introduced himself and tried to provide the board more information on how other libraries in the cooperatives are dealing with the pandemic.
- Irene has continued to book programs for members. Eighteen virtual programs were scheduled October – January, with 15 actually hosted. An additional 195 programs have been booked with 45 different presenters. Only 3 libraries are currently anticipating hosting in-person events this spring and summer.
-- Irene has attended several virtual workshops, concentrating on new program ideas form the next year of programming options.

Respectfully submitted,
Eric Palmer
MMLC Director