Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative

Director’s Report

March- April 2019

State Budget/State Aid:
State Aid Budget, FY2018-19:  Kathy Webb informed MMLC that there was a problem with the income reports that held up the payment process.  All first 50% payments will be completed by June 2019. The final 50% payment will be processed after July 15, 2019.  The first batch of public library state aid payments are completed. The payments are being processes by first to submit, the first paid.  At the end of each month a listing of payments made will appear on the Library of Michigan website at this site. https://www.michigan.gov/libraryofmichigan/0,9327,7-381-88855_89735_89760_89974---,00.html

NOTE:  The total amount for State Aid is $12,067,700.  The per capita direct state aid $.39689 and indirect $.39689.  Cooperatives will also receive $.39689 for direct aid.  The first 50% per capita rate is $.198445.

Cooperative Services:
Programming:  Reports indicate that spring programs were well-attended and appreciated by attendees. Library sponsored school programs begin soon introducing students to summer reading programs.  Some changes had to be made due to the end-of-year replacement days for weather events.  We look forward to a busy summer programming season!
Kanopy:  Libraries who were interested in learning more about this movie service attended a webinar in April.
Director Search:  The Director position was posted for eight weeks and closed on April 15, 2019.  The committee met to review applications and determine an interview schedule.
MMLC Advocacy:  The Advocacy Committee met to review the Advocacy Plan.  All links were updated and appropriate changes made for the Board to approve at the May meeting.

Cooperative Directors Association:
Cooperative Directors Association (CDA):  The CDA met in April at the Library of Michigan.

  • Six cooperatives (Northland, MMLC, MMLL, Superiorland, WPLC, and Woodlands) planned a one and half day conference titled Small Libraries. Big Impact. on April 29 and 30, 2019. The conference was attended by 200 plus library staff members.
  • CDA is participating in the Michigan Coalition for School Libraries assisted by EveryLibrary.
  • CDA contributed financial support for the Michigan Activity Pass program year 2018-19.


Collaborating Partners – CDA, LM, MiALA, MLA, and MCLS:  The next workshop titled Who Are We: What Library Professionals Need to Know About Gender & Sexual Identity.  It will be held on November 15, 2019 at the Lansing Community College West Campus.  The featured speaker is Leonard Sax and afternoon discussion leader Kathleen LaTosch.  MMLC will manage registration again this year.

Collaborating Organizations:
Michigan Library Association (MLA):  Gail Madziar made the report for MLA.

  • Michigan Legislative action: Narcan legislation has passed the House and the Senate will be doing the same soon. It is expected to be signed by Governor Whitmer.
  • The MLA board elections have concluded.

Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS):  New MCLS Executive Director Scott Garrison made the report for MCLS:

  • The new MeL Engagement specialists are doing trainings around the state.
  • RIDES pricing will be set by the end of April and library invoices will be sent in the Summer.
  • As the new director, he interviewed all MCLS employees for new ideas which will impact long term decisions and strategic planning.


Library of Michigan (LM):  Randy Riley made the following report:

  • Night for Notables was held on April 27.
  • LSTA funding was approved at the federal level; libraries are encourage to thank their Congressional legislators.
  • Adam Oster has been hired as the Engagement Librarian; Becky Wartella, also newly hired, will be working on MeL and Conferences.
  • Encouraged libraries to apply for LSTA grants:
    • Small - $500 - $2,000
    • Medium - $5,000 - $25,000
    • CE Stipends - $300 - $1,600


MMLC Administration:

  • I attended the farewell reception for Gail Madziar, MLA Director.
  • Irene and I participated in several meetings for the Small Libraries conference planning committee. We also worked with our website developer to provide registration pages on the MMLC website.  Irene has provided registration information and concise reports on the budget.
  • We completed an audit of our office technology needs including all services, equipment, software, and connectivity that is in current use. Following that process, in consultation with our IT consultant, we ordered the appropriate equipment and are in the implementation phase of the project.  We also met with the new Mott Foundation Facilities Manager to discuss our intent to upgrade to a fiber internet connection.  MMLC is among a few building tenants who have contracted for this service through our telecommunications provider and gotten the process started in the building.
  • We have continued to provide fiscal management services for the Friends of Michigan Libraries and managed the April workshop registration process. With the election of new officers for 2019-20, we conducted the process of updating signatories and banking records with their financial institution.
  • Congratulations to Scott Duimstra who was elected to the MLA Board. On a sad note for CADL staff and patrons, Michelle Brussow, longtime CADL librarian, passed away suddenly.  Our condolences to all who knew her.
  • I attended the CALL meeting with the Lapeer County library directors at the Dryden Township Library on April 16, 2019.


Respectfully submitted,

Denise Hooks

MMLC Director