Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative

Director’s Report

September - October 2017

State Budget/State Aid:
State Aid, FY2017-18:  We received official notification about State Aid late in September due to a delay at the state level in sending the information to the Library of Michigan.  However, it was very good news for public libraries as it was a 12% increase.  The official per capita rate is $.363984.  The FY 2017-18 Library Annual Survey emails were sent the last week in September.  The deadline for submission is February 1, 2018.

Cooperative Services:
Programming:  The Performer’s Showcase was held in September with an attendee group of 90 people and more than 40 performers.  Program requests have been pouring into the office and Irene has already booked nearly 500 programs for member libraries, Northland libraries, and other libraries in neighboring cooperatives.

OverDrive Consortia:  The group is planning an OverDrive Information Day later this year.

MMLC Advocacy:  The MMLC Board approved funding for the National Library Legislative
Day grants for MMLC Board members and member directors.  The application period will be early in January.    

Collaborating Organizations:

Cooperative Director’s Association (CDA):  The CDA met on the last day of the Michigan Library Association Conference.  Discussion topics included future webinars, the next Collaborating Partners workshop the year as well as next year, and confirmed meeting dates for 2017-18.

Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS):  Nancy Kirkpatrick made the following report:

  • Lori Ayre from the Galencia Group is the consultant hired to do the statewide delivery survey. Lori will be working around the state collecting data for the next few months.
  • The Linked Data project is continuing with all MeLCat records now uploaded with quarterly refreshes planned. They are working with Zepheira on enhancements and discoverability issues.
  • Biblioboard is being considered for a project between MCLS and the University of Michigan and other academic presses for a possible pilot to have academic publisher’s eBooks offered online.

Michigan Library Association (MLA):  Gail Madziar sent the following report for MLA:

  • There were 420 plus conference attendees at the October annual conference. Especially popular this year were the escape rooms.
  • Twenty seven Representatives will be term limited out of the house, although many will be running for vacant Senate seats. New legislators will require continuing education on library issues.
  • Senator Jim Stamos, a true library champion, will be assuming the Senate Appropriations Committee chairmanship for a four year term. His home library is the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library in Midland and library director, Melissa Barnard. This is great news for Michigan libraries!
  • The National Insurance Service start date has been pushed back to February 2018. For details:  http://www.milibraries.org/mla-advocacy---october-26-2017/
  • The Michigan Supreme Court denied Menards application to overturn a lower court ruling that cost the Escanaba Library thousands of dollars in tax revenue. For details:  http://www.milibraries.org/mla-advocacy---october-26-2017/

Library of Michigan (LM):  Randy Riley made the following report:

  • There are indications that the 2019 budget will include significant cuts. A rumored figure is 6%.
  • LM is hiring a new Special Collections Manager who is expected to start later this Fall.
  • Continuing Education Funds are still available, although there may be less funding in the future.
  • The intent to file form for the large LSTA grants is due October 31.
  • Sonya Norris shared a fact sheet about the LM Dispatch and indicated that it is sent quarterly via email. She encouraged libraries to send in articles of interest.
  • The new MeL RFP will go out in December.
  • LM is working on the Notable Book awards for next year with Richard Ford as the keynote speaker at the April 7, 2018 Night for Notables event.

Collaborating Partners – CDA, LM, MiALA, MLA, and MCLS: 

  • Both of the safety workshops were very well attended and received highly positive evaluations. Steve Albrecht was very popular at Gaylord and Dearborn and presented practical, timely information and tips for attendees in managing security issues in libraries.

MMLC Administration:

  • The MMLC Board met in mid-September to close FY2016-17 and approve the budget for FY2017-18. Also approved were the FY2017-18 Work Plan, the new Technology Plan FY2017-20, and revised MMLC Bylaws.
  • The Advisory Council meeting was hosted by Maria McCarville at the Hoyt Library of the Public Libraries of Saginaw. Featured speakers were:  Jerilyn Klich, GDL, covering Human Resources issues; Corey Friedrich, CRDL, who introduced the topic of design thinking; several members – Corey Friedrich, CRDL; Amy Comber-Gross, Coleman Area Library; Anne Heidemann, Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Libraries; and Kim White, PLOS, on recent weather-related challenges and disaster preparedness tools; and Dave Conklin on pest management issues.  Other topics covered included the new MMLC grant program and library law related to Narcan administration.
  • I moderated a group presentation on the 3D Printing Project at the MLA conference in October. The panelists were Amy Comber-Gross, Coleman; Jessica Bostian, Ruth Hughes Memorial District Library; Dena Moscheck, Lapeer District Library; and Jason Bias, Genesee District Library.  They did an outstanding job!
  • I attended a CDA webinar on Narcan administration in libraries presented by Clare Membiela, LM Library Law Consultant.
  • The 2018 Millage Campaign: Nuts and Bolts workshop will take place on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. The location this year will be the Holiday Inn Gateway Centre on Hill Rd. in Mundy Township.
  • The MMLC website is set to launch in early November.

 Respectfully submitted,
 Denise Hooks
 MMLC Director