Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative

Director’s Report

June and July 2020

State Budget/State Aid:

  • The Library of Michigan was able to payout all of State Aid and MMLC has sent out the billing to the members.
  • The State of Michigan is having a Budget Conference on August 24, 2020 to determine where the money is coming for the entire 2020-2021 Budget, which is anticipated to be short by 3.3 billion dollars. There is still some hope that the Federal government will come through with some funds.


Cooperative Services:

  • MMLC has canceled almost all of the live performances for this Summer. Some of the performances have moved to virtual for this summer.
  • The most of the Fall live performances have been canceled or switched to virtual.
  • Due to Pandemic we made the decision to cancel the Performer’s Showcase that would have been in August. We are hoping to have a virtual form sometime later in the fall.


Michigan Cooperative Directors Association:
Michigan Cooperative Directors Association (MCDA):

  • For most of June MCDA had Zoom meeting weekly.
  • In July we didn’t meet as often but most of the directors participated in Collaborating Partners Series where MMLC did the registration for the event
  • MLA had Maxine Bleiweis ‘Big Disruptions Can Lead to Big Opportunities’ virtual workshop and many of the Cooperative Director attended and we wanted to bring it to our members. MCDA set up the virtual workshop for Aug. 11 and 12, with limited spots per day.

Collaborating Partners – CDA, LM, MiALA, MLA, and MCLS:  

  • The Collaborating Partners had a series of 3 zoom workshops under the title of “Creating Inclusive Libraries: Gender and Sexuality Awareness the first 3 Tuesday’s in July.
  • Speakers included Graci Harkema, Kelly Boston and Dr. Jessica Gracia.
  • We are talking about doing a follow up panel discussion sometime in the fall on the subject.



Library of Michigan (LM):  

  • LM is still hosting a weekly zoom updates on what is going on in the state, especially talking about the Executive Orders that come out on an almost weekly bases from the Governor.
  • During the meetings Shannon keeps us up to date on what going on and bring on other members from the LM to speak like Clare who talked about the EO (many times with Anne Seurynck) Kathy Webb, Joe Hamlin and others.
  • Shannon and her staff have been doing the weekly updates almost since the beginning and have created a Google Doc with great information. (now over 230 pages) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FmDiYC_U2kyF2RQaOqcQxDFWDPjb7UwIIdQ-_S23YNw/edit


Michigan Library Association (MLA):  Debbie Mikula, Executive Director made the report

  • MLA and their lobbies are watching the Budget meeting very closely and will report back to us as soon as they have some news.
  • MLA has been hosting a weekly virtual coffee hour that has been very informative.


Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS):  Scott Garrison, Executive Director, made the report for MCLS:

  • In August 2019, the MCLS Board of Directors authorized MCLS to make a strategic investment in and become involved with Project ReShare, a new approach to resource sharing for consortia and the libraries we serve. It’s hard to believe we’re already almost a year into that work! Version 1.0 will be available this month, and software development will continue through fall 2020 and winter 2021.
  • Founded in 2018, Project ReShare is a community of equals including libraries, consortia, software developers, and user experience designers. The community is building a resource sharing platform that is user-centered (for library users and staff alike), offers choices and flexibility for libraries with different workflows, staffing, and technical expertise, embraces modern technology and current standards, has a modular design, and aims to be more affordable than existing systems.
  • If you’d like to learn more about how ReShare works and see it in action, project coordinator Kristen Wilson created a concise 26-minute demonstration video of the beta version in spring 2020. Community members have presented at meetings including the 2019 FOLIO Forum, the 2019 NASIG meeting, the 2019 Charleston Conference, the 2020 CNI Spring Meeting, and the 2020 ICOLC Virtual Meeting. You can also find a wealth of technical documentation and more at the Project ReShare website.


MMLC Administration:

  • Lapeer District Library’s Board has selected Amy Churchill from Public Libraries of Saginaw to be their new Director. Amy first day at LDL will be August 24 and Melissa will be staying for a period to help train her. MMLC would like to Congratulate Amy on becoming the Director and also Congratulate Melissa on her retirement.
  • Over the last two months I have helped set up four zoom meetings for Library Directors of Lapeer County.
  • I have attended 6 zoom meetings with the other Coop Directors and some of those meeting included our partners, Overdrive Reps and Midwest Tapes rep. With Overdrive we talked about the combining of Overdrive and RB Digital. Midwest, we discussed how the cooperatives could purchase more things as a group hopefully for a lower price.
  • MLA has hosted Coffee Hours Zoom workshops for most of the summer. I have attended 7 of them, some of the subjects were: Reopening Plans, Communication Strategies, De-escalation Tactics, Ask a Library Lawyer to name a few.
  • I worked with the Collaborating Partners on Creating Inclusive Libraries: Gender and Sexuality Awareness. MMLC did the registration and I attended all 3 workshops.
  • I attended Small Rural and Independent Libraries conference, which included several different speakers over a 3-hour period.
  • I attended 2 different ALA informational Virtual workshops.
  • Talked with MMLC newest Board Member Joanie Towarnicky from GDL.
  • LM had several workshops for Small Rural Libraries and I attended Binding Glue and Swipe Right: How to Partner Up. All of these workshops were recorded and are available on LM webpage.
  • Flint Public Library had a zoom meeting for the press to announce the opening of their location in Courtland Center and I was there.
  • Had my first evaluation discussion with Pam Clark, MMLC Board’s VP and Chair of the Personnel Committee


Respectfully submitted,

Eric Palmer

MMLC Director